Kazakhstan: Progress of spring field work, update: May 27, 2020

By May 27, 2020, sowing of spring grain crops in Kazakhstan was completed on 10514,1 thousand ha which makes 72.7% of total 14464.8 thousand ha planned (in 2019 - 10405.9 thousand ha out of 14205.5 thousand hectares), according to the information received by Zerno.Ru from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

As of report date, grain maize was sown at 144.5 thousand hectares out of total 165.2 thousand hectares planned (in 2019 on the same date the progress was 127.2 thousand hectares out of 152.1 thousand hectares).

By May 27, 2020, rice was sown at 89.6 thousand ha out of 102.0 thousand ha planned in Kazakhstan (in 2019 - 87.0 thousand ha out of 101.4 thousand ha).



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